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For workers whose types of jobs are related to science.

Engineer Visa
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What is Engineer Visa?

 Engineer Visa is granted to someone who works in fields which require skills and knowledge of science, natural science, and engineering: specifically I.T engineers, Mechanical designers, Civil designers, and technology developers of new products.

 Generally, this is a status of residence for university graduates majoring in science and relative subjects to work in Japan.

 When applying for this status of residence the major of the applicants or compatibility between the expected position and work experience is assessed.

 ACROSEED receives increasing number of concerns related to complex form of employment in recent years, including labour management problem such as an employed overseas worker dispatched by other company and an overseas employee has multiple sources of income.

Examples of frequent Engineer Visa applications.

1. Invitation a computer engineer from china.
2. Invitation Indian IT engineer for a software company.
3. Invitation of a Port Captain and a Ship Inspector for a shipping agent
4. Engineer Visa application for special form of employment.

Cost of Engineer Visa application through ACROSEED.

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