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Acquisition of working visa

Request details:Acquisition of working visa

 I live in the United States, and found a job with a technology company in Japan. Kyoraku Co., Ltd. referred us to ACROSEED for applying for a Certificate of Eligibility for myself (Engineer) and for my adopted son with Mongolian citizenship (Dependent).

 Both of them were relatively unique cases, so I was worried about the results.  Mr. Sakurasawa of ACROSEED was wonderful.  He made sure that he had the necessary documents to prove my 10 years of experience in engineering, as I do not have a university degree.  My certificate of eligibility application with approved with no issues within two weeks.

  A few weeks later when my son decided to come to Japan with me before the rest of the family, he was able to very quickly put together his application.  I had heard from other lawyers that adopted children were not eligible for Dependent visas, but Mr. Sakurasawa assured me that they are.  My son’s certificate of eligibility was approved in just eleven days.

 Throughout the whole process, Mr. Sakurasawa never took longer than a few hours to get back to me, and always kept me up to date with what was going on, which was extremely appreciated.  He was also extremely flexible with what service to use to send my documents to the U.S., and very professional and precise with all of his communication.  Although I communicated with ACROSEED using the Japanese language, I have heard that it’s possible to get just as good of service in other languages.

I very much appreciate ACROSEED’s service, and plan to use it again to bring my wife and other children to Japan in the future, as well as for any other immigration needs.  Thank you very much, ACROSEED!

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