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Acquisition of Designated Activities visa

Request details:Acquisition of Designated Activities visa

 Dear Madam,

This letter of appreciation is provided you for assisting us on the application of a visa for my cousin.

At first I was debating if I should go forward or not to this process due to lack of knowledge on the Japan Immigration Law. I made a lot of inquiries about my case but most of them gave me a cold answer that it will never be approve.

Finally I came across with Immigration Lawyer’s office. I email them and inquired about a visa application. The next morning I got a phone call from you, from the moment I heard your voice I told myself she is the one I’m looking for. We met with Ms. Furutani for the first time, I was not familiar with your location but you guided me all the way from my location to Tokyo. It was a smooth ride to your office. On our conversation, the process is very tricky and she never handle this kind of case before. She was very honest that she never handle this kind of case as far as SOFA Status getting Certificate of Eligibility, She gave me an option that if the application does get approve we will not be charges for a whole amount , I said this is fair so we took a risk. She research all regulations and necessary supporting documentation for this case. Your performance while working with us proves you are an excellent professional as well as a good human being. My cousin’s visitor visa is about to expire in a month but after 2 weeks I got a phone call from her , this is one of the most wonderful things in our life have happened especially for my cousin. Our CE has been approved.

It would not have been this way if it weren't for your unending assistance, full dedication and hard work, we will never get thru this process. I and in behalf of my family want to express our whole - heart gratitude for your help. One of the best decisions I made is having you as my attorney during my time of need. Two months of struggle, difficulties, and hopelessness finding information on how to get approval have finally reached its end. I am now can a sleep at night peacefully knowing that when I go on a business trip I have some to count on to take care of my children.

Though many services could not be measured in terms of money as compensation, I cannot forget your services and your total devotion, regardless of schedules or efforts, has greatly surpassed the expectations we had set on you. So I am sure we will still be able to count on your service in the future.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your service, professionalism and superlative skills. Thank you so much to all the effort, cooperation and quick attention in our case. We really appreciated all the support, guidance and help that you give us from the start to the end. More power to you guys and to the management of Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office!


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