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Acquisition of Business manager visa

Request details:Acquisition of Business manager visa

Happy New Year, Fumina!
Here is my customer voice.

 When I first called and then went to Acroseed to explain my case and what I'd like to do in the future, I was very nervous. I feared that I'd be send out the door with no hope.

 However, the kindness that the staff showed me, and the earnestness with which they listened to my situation and plan, were extraordinary. I first went on August 1st, 2017, and I successfully started working for myself, with my own company, about 2 months later. Every time I had an issue or a problem (which was often), the person in charge of my case would promptly show me the correct course of action, or take it upon herself to help me.

  I would highly recommend anyone who is seriously looking to live or stay in Japan and needs some administration-related help to contact Acroseed. I know that if I need any other service related to my status in Japan, or changing said status, I'll be contacting them.


 新年早々にお客様のいただき声いただき、 嬉しいスタートを切ることができました!!



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