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Provisional Release,Special Permission for Residence

Request details:Provisional Release,Special Permission for Residence

 Dear Miyagawa-san and Saito-san,

 I don’ t know how to thank both of you enough or how to express how grateful I and my husband are for every advices and support, and for your help in obtaining the special permission for residence for my husband and getting him out from detention center.

 It was lucky for me to find your homepage at the internet because I was nearly desperate for legal help for my husband when he was taken into immigration custody for staying in Japan without proper visa. I know mainly it was our own fault because we didn’t take care of the documents sooner. Before I contacted you I contacted two other immigration lawyers without satisfactory result. One was very determined to get me to consult with him and get the consultation fee without even pay enough attention for my explanation of my husband’s case, the other refused me downright by saying that it was impossible to get him out and went on by saying that it was our own fault and he got what he deserved, and told me that it would be best for him and me to go back from where we came from, before telling me that he couldn’t help us. I was so devastated by those results and nearly lost all hopes for having him back.

 But then I saw your homepage. I decided that you were our last hope and if you couldn’t help us out, then maybe nobody else could. I was interested because different than other immigration lawyer’s homepages I visited, yours were easily understood because you described the process, the fees were fixed, and you guaranteed the money back if the special permission was not granted. You could do that because you said that you wouldn’t take the case with low chances of succeed.

 When we met at our first meeting, I felt really satisfied because you were so sympathetic and were willing to listen to what I had to say. You didn’t judge us and didn’t give me any false hopes, you really did help us by giving me assistance and advice every step of the way.

  It’s been a week now since my husband was released from detention. He lost 7 kilograms of weights during his 39 days’ lock-up, but aside from that, he is healthy and happy to be back home. We both are, thanks to you.

  I don’t know what else to say, but I guess it’s sufficient to say that we were very glad to work together with you and we hope we can work together again in the future.

  Once again….than you very, very much!

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