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Acquisition of working visa as a freelancer

Request details:Acquisition of working visa as a freelancer

 Dear Miyagawa-san

 I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work in helping me to obtain a visa.

 As a freelance translator and interpreter working for multiple companies, I seem to be something of a special case (at least according to the Immigration Bureau) and I'm quite sure that without your professional assistance my visa application would have been rejected.

  Having moved here with my family and set up house with the intention of staying on for an extended period, I was more than a little apprehensive during the application period, particularly since the rules have recently changed.

 What a relief then to receive your call telling me the good news; and it only took ten days, which demonstrates the quality of the application documents.

 It is wonderful to be able to live and work in Japan safe in the knowledge that I won't have to submit to the extension process every twelve months, thanks to the generous three-year visa that you obtained on my behalf.

 I am very satisfied with your services and would have no hesitation in recommending Acroseed to others seeking assistance with the visa application process.


  Simon Capp

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