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Acquiring a long-term residence visa after divorcing a Japanese person

S. Sullivan様 (U.S.A)
Request details:Acquiring a long-term residence visa after divorcing a Japanese person

 I had been married to my Japanese husband for just over three years when we unfortunately divorced.? At that time I still had a year left on my visa so I tried to ignore my pending visa issues for as long as I could.With only about 2 weeks left on my spousal visa I contacted Acroseed and scheduled a meeting.

 Though I had been working at my current job for almost two years, it was not in a field that I would be able to attain a work visa.? Having never finished University, many of the usual routes to getting a visa were also closed to me.

 At Acroseed I was advised that I may be eligible for a long-term visa due to the length of my marriage.Within about a week they helped me prepare all the necessary paperwork and submitted my request.

 I had many concerns, the biggest of which is that I am a non-professional and look the part! But my visa was granted in less than a week!

 Miyagawa-san and Maki, thanks again for all of your help!

  I am so grateful that everything turned out for the best!!

 S. Sullivan

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