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Acquisition of Long-Term Resident

M様(Lithuania / Brazil)
Request details:Acquisition of Long-Term Resident

 We got married in Japan on April 25 and my visa supposed to end on May 5th. Before I been in Japan 3 times in a year, so I had to get visa to live here or go back to my country and wait 6 months that I could comeback to Japan again.

 So after we got married we went to imigration office with big hopes that everything gonna be okey and my application for visa going to start, but..we were very dissappointed in there, they didn't give me even application stamp, that I could get more time to get all pappers imigration asks for. So we didn't knew what else to do, because my visa was ending in a few days.

 We started to look for a help and we founded "Acrossed" company. They had very good reviews from many people with really difficult situations, so we decided give a try . After we went there, in a 2 days I had stamp for application in my passport and now almost after 2 months I got my visa for 1 year! Was so difficult, the imigration ask many documents and was so much trouble, but this company proof that they are the best! Now I'm having visa and don't know how to thank "Acrosseed". Thank you!

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