The Criteria for Choosing a Visa-Application Specialist

The Criteria for choosing a specialist is introduced

The Criteria for Choosing a Visa-Application Specialist
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The reason why the criteria for choosing a specialist is necessary.

 There are a lot of Gyoseishoshi Offices which are specialized in Visa Application. But the quality of services, range of services, and charges differ. It is important to find a specialist in accordance with your demand.

 We recommend you to refer to the criteria presented below and find one most appropriate for you by giving inquiry phone calls and having face-to-face consultations.

1. Choose a specialist with good and real records.

 The most important element when choosing a visa-application specialist is experience and successful record in visa application.

 Visa applications prepared by people with no specialized knowledge are accepted as the Immigration Bureau distributes lists of required documents. This applies to an application prepared by a new Gyoseishoshi Lawyer with a little experience in visa application. However it simply means that the applications were accepted. It does not mean the applications lead to visa grant.

 The role of specialists is not just to prepare required documents and submit them to the Immigration Bureau on a clients’ behalf. It also includes giving instructions to clients and preparing documents to reach the highest possibility of visa grant.

 However the highest possibility can only be reached by specialists who handle a large number of visa applications a year and grasp the movement of the Immigration Bureau.

 In conclusion it would be better to find a specialist by inquiring the number of applications handled and years of experience. If he/she can answer those questions clearly and assertively he/she is the right specialist.

2. Choose a specialist who always tries to establish trust relations with clients.

 It is considered that a specialist who seriouslytries to establish trust relations with clients, gives full explanations on required documents, procedures, fees, and expected advantages and disadvantages in the application until the client fully understands them.

 Also it is impossible to assert “if you do", the visa will be 100% granted” because visa application involves discretion by the inspector of the Immigration Bureau as well as law interpretation and assessment criteria, and the Minister of Legal Affair and the Immigration Bureau make final decision. Therefore if a specialist well understands visa application he/she would not say things like “The application will absolutely be successful” or “I get you the visa without mistake” to his/her clients easily.

1.He/she gets upset towards questions or dodges questions and does not give
clear answers.
2. Takes arrogant attitude giving legal terminologies.
3.Hurries clients to sign contracts.
4.Implies easily that he/she can do anything.
5.Nevertheless it is the first time he/she meets a clients he/she emphasizes excessively on his or her connections.

 If you notice any of those above you need to think about “why he/she is behaving so”. To receive good services worth the amount of the charge, please do not forget “the importance of choosing a specialist

3. Choose a specialist who clearly explains what he does when an application is rejected.

 Again no one can guarantee that the visa will be 100% granted. No matter how talented the specialist is things below need to be confirmed how he/she deals with the application rejected.

1.What happens to the payment if the application rejected.
2.Refund available?
3.If the application rejected does he/she has a solid plan to follow next?

4. Choose a specialist by checking the office.

 There are different types of Gyoseishoshi lawyer’s offices
1. An office in his/her house
2. An office in a condominium
3. An office rented.
4. An office in one’s own building.

  It is not necessary to discuss which type of office is good or bad. But to offer continuous high quality services to customers at least there need to be space for comfortable consultations for clients, and space and facilities sufficient to keep clients’ personal information confidential.

 You cannot tell from a Home Page or an advertisement what kind of facilities the office has and how large business the specialist handling.

 The fee you are going to pay for specialist service is not cheap at all. So it is advised to have consultations with different specialists and take a look at their offices as well.

5. Choose a specialist who provides clear and reasonable charge

 People want to avoid specialists who do not give clear explanations on their charges even if their works are excellent. Although it is hard to set fixed charge rate because works related to law vary depending on clients’ situations, still it shall be better to choose a specialist who explains his/her standard charge and extra charges if there is any.

1. providing a clear fee/charge list
2. showing the cost before the service initiation.
3. providing explanations on cases in which extra charges apply and the situation.
4. preparing a contract in detail. Not verbal promise.

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