Entertainer Visa application

When employing a model, a dancer, and a singer from overseas.

Entertainer Visa
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What is Entertainer Visa?

 Entertainer Visa is granted to someone who is engaged in an entertainment activity such as play, gardening, music, and sports.

 Matters regarding the entertainer, the inviting company, and the place where he or she is going to appear or play, are assessed after an application was made. The visa is granted when they all meet the criteria of Landing Permit.

 The Ministerial Ordinance Revised Standard has been enforced on 1st June 2006 that further restricts conditions of Japanese inviting institutions. Please refer to the following website for more information on this.

Immigration office website:

Examples of frequent requests of Entertainer Visa.

1. Want to invite a singer.
2. Want to invite a fashion model
3. Want to invite a sport player.

Cost of Entertainer Visa application through ACROSEED

*Discount may apply for multiple applications.

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