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Reviews from our clients
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Reviews from the clients

“Specialist in Humanities/International Services” Kou, Kyu

 I set up a company in Aoyama 8 years ago, thanks to kind and detailed instructions given by Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office (previous name of ACROSEED). But the company did not go so well afterwards. Although I thought “it would not be possible to obtain a visa” I managed to find an employment at a Japanese company because of a piece of advice a staff from Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office gave me. And again I was granted of “Specialist in Humanities/International Services” visa.

 When I applied for visa extension Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office get me 3 years of visa extension which I did not even imagine. I still remember clearly how happy I was. I am really grateful that I am a client of Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office they help me to settle down in Japan.

 I think it is not too much to say that the expertise of staffs’ of Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office is the greatest in Japan. I am happy to leave all legal works to them. I am forever their client.

“Specialist in Humanities/International Services” Ka, Kan

The application for a working visa I prepared and submitted myself was rejected. When I did not know what to do a friend of mine introduced me the Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office. I ask for their assistance to apply for the working visa. Despite the fact the application was once rejected I was granted of the visa.

“Corporation establishment” Michele Lee

I was able to establish a effectively thanks to the assistance provided by Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office. They explained me one by one carefully how to establish a corporation, and prepared documents promptly.

I could concentrate on the company management as I consulted them on tax and labour management afterwards.

“Designated activity of house keeping” Pratec Michal

I respect Mr. Sano from bottom of my heart because he turned impossible to possible.

I had already half given up when the status of residence of a housekeeper from Philippine whom I was about to employ, expired. I thought there is no method to make her stay. But I was dying for her help because I had to take care of my 3-year-old child.

It was Mr. Sano who made my wish come true. I cannot say anything but “thank you”. I really appreciate what he has done for me.
“Investor/Business Manager”, “Naturalization” Tsu, Cho.

I requested Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office to assist me to obtain “Investor/Business Manager” visa when I established my own company after graduation from a vocational school. Later I ask them to be an advisor for my company. They have done all of the work related to visa, accounting, and insurance.

Over and over I thought “I may not be able to extend the visa any more”. But whenever I think in that way staffs of Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office helped me to extend the visa. This year I finally was granted of Japanese citizenship that I had been longing for. YES!!

“Special permission for residence.” Aka, Yo

I have been granted of a visa thanks to Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office when I thought I could not stay any longer.

They carefully explained Japanese legal procedures that I was not familiar with at all. I left all works to them after I understood everything.

“Spouse or child of Japanese national” Bisyu, Yo

I was granted of a visa extension easily as I asked Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office for assistance for complicated extension procedures. Besides the period of the validity is 3 years.

I will ask Sano Immigration Lawyer’s Office for assistance until I am granted of Permanent residence.
“Spouse or child of Japanese national” Makiko Karasawa

I and my husband lived apart for 6 years: I was in Japan and he was in China. I applied 3 times myself for Spouse or Child of Japanese National, but they were all rejected because he had special situation. So I thought I should try Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office’s service for the last application.

The staffs prepared such detailed documents that I never possibly could. And finally the permission was granted. From now on I can live with my husband. I am really grateful for what they have done for me.

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