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6 factors in visa applications provided exclusively by ACROSEED

Most number of visa applications Most number of visa applications
The sum of all applications done through ACROSEED since 1986 is over 10000

  10 visa application staffs 10 visa application staffs
There are 10 full-time visa application staffs. They are specialized in different types of visa applications. You can consult the most suitable staff for your visa application.
Free Consultations Free Consultations
We provide consultations for absolutely free and decide whether your application has a chance of success. If there is an issue we find you a solution.
  Consultations in 3 languages. Consultations in 2 languages.
ACROSEED provides free consultations in English, Mandarin as well as in Japanese.
Free re-application if an application rejected. Free re-application if an application rejected.
If an application through ACROSEED is unsuccessful we most of the time re-apply for free.
  Complete after-service. Complete after-service.
We contact you before the visa expires. You can have stable life in Japan.

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5 most frequently made requests by corporate clients.

 There is a foreign worker we want to employ.   corporate clients
 Want to transfer an employee from a branch in
 A foreign company wants to establish a branch
 in Japan.
 Want to invite a managing director to Japan.
 Want to start an overseas personnel dispatching

5 most frequently made requests by individuals

 Want to marry a person of different nationality
  and apply for Spouse or Child of Japanese
  National visa.
 Want to establish a company and manage my
  own business.
 Want to apply for Permanent Residence or
 Want to invite my parents and children in
  overseas to Japan.
 My Spouse has been apprehended by Police for


Employment of Overseas Workers and Procedures for Bringing Overseas Trainees
Easy-to-understand Entry Procedure
Easy Entry Procedures: Practice and points to note

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