6 Factors in Visa Application through ACROSEED

For visa application, Choose ACROSEED. There are reasons why people choose ACROSEED.

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1. Since opened in 1986, the total number of clients is over 10000.

ビザ申請実績 ACROSEED Immigration Lawyer’s Office (previously Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office) have a lot of experience and high ratio of success in visa application since the introduction of the Agent Application SYSTEM

(The system which allows immigration lawyers to act for their clients in visa applications). The former director even worked as a consultant at Tokyo Immigration Bureau Information Center for 3 years.

 As a result of filing over10000 instances in the past in database and sharing them we succeeded in establishing our own method of document preparation. Due to this we maintain quite high success rate in visa application every year.

 The experience and the achievement are highly evaluated. Now we are the legal advisor on visa for, for example, Itochu Corporation, First Career Trading co.,ltd, and a major language school.

2. A staff for per field of visa. The specialist staffs are always there for you.

ビザ申請スタッフ Normal immigration lawyer’s offices are small, therefore the immigration lawyer has to manage everything alone. But the ability and maximum workload of a single person is limited.

 There are always 9 staffs in ACROSEED: Immigration lawyers, of course, and specialist staffs who take visa application training regularly, therefore familiar with the latest immigration information.

 It enables us to handle big businesses such as inviting more than 100 participants of an international meeting. Furthermore it is possible for you to have a consultation with a staff specialized in the field of your interest.

■Immigration lawyers 4 ■Staff in charge of marriage matters 1
■Staff in charge of permanent residence/naturalization 1 ■Staff in charge of working visa 1
■English speaker 1 ■Korean speaker 1
■Mandarin speaker 1  

3. Trust of clients’ is the first priority. So we provide consultations for free

visa application Consultations are provided for free at ACROSEED.

 Generally speaking consultation charge applies on hourly basis at majority of immigration lawyer’s offices. But this does not help you consult us at ease.

 You receive consultations, then your problem and the solution are identified while you have no concerns on time and money.

 Please evaluate ACROSEED after the consultations whether we are the specialists who deserve your trust. We also hope to accept your request when we understand your problem well and found the possible method of solution.

 Please note that it sometimes is the case that we refuse your request with sufficient explanations if we find the success rate would be less than 50 % after you consult us.

4. You can consult us in your language (English, Mandarin)

you can consult us in your language Visa application is an important work because its result may affect the applicant’s life.

 Therefore we provide consultations in English and Mandarin to avoid misunderstandings and to fully grasp your concerns.

 The staffs in charge of each language are not mere interpreters. They are bilingual specialists who are familiar with immigration work. So you can leave the application to one of them as they maintain high standards in the fields ranging from consultations in their languages to document preparations in Japanese.

5. Re-application is free if the first one has been rejected.

 Re-application is free of charge if the first application through ACROSEED has been rejected.

 An immigration lawyer shall visit the immigration Bureau, identify the cause of the rejection, and discuss the solution with an officer. Then we prepare and lodge documents with perfect correction. (in some cases re-application is not possible)

6. We contact you when renewing the visa.

We contact you when renewing the visa. Client data management system using a large server is introduced at ACROSEED.? All clients’ documents used for applications and the basic information has been filed.

 This enables us to contact clients when renewing visa. It is also possible to provide clients with their information used in previous applications when they apply for permanent residence/naturalization.

 Now this is provided as part of advisory services to corporate bodies as well as to individuals where a lot of overseas workers are employed.

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