Dependant Visa Application

For spouse and child(ren) of those who work or study in Japan.

Dependant Visa
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What is Dependant Visa?

 Dependant Visa is for spouse and child(ren) to live with their family in Japan who hold working visa or student visa.

 Lately we receive a lot of requests saying students want to bring their spouse to Japan. But the visa is not granted easily because their income is not stable as students are allowed to work only part time.

 ACROSEED have been handling a lot of these cases. Please leave it to us even if the application done by yourself has been rejected.

Examples of frequently received requests of application for Dependant Visa.

1. Requests from a person in the personnel department of a company to invite
   spouse/children of overseas worker to Japan
2. Requests from students to bring their spouse over to Japan.
3. Requests to bring over spouses of the applicants’ to Japan

Cost of an application for Dependant Visa through ACROSEED

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