Application for Special Permission of Residence

It is possible for those, who over stayed, to obtain a regular visa by application for Special Permission of Residence.

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What is Special Permission of Residence?

 Special Permission of Residence means that those who stayed or entered Japan illegally obtain a regular visa with exceptional permission granted by the Minister of Justice.

 Applicants of the permission, however, is to proceed deportation procedures which is to deport all of the applicants to their home countries in principle. So although it is called “application for special permission of residence” by public there is no such application. It is one of the salvation procedures in the course of deportation process.

 Generally speaking it is possible to state the reason why he or she wants to stay in Japan in the course of deportation process. If the claim is approved by the Minister of Justice a regular visa is granted. If not he or she will inevitably be deported.


 As is shown above the procedure of Special Permission of Residence is exceptional. The detailed criteria is not disclosed even in laws, regulations, and ministerial ordinances.

 But it seems the decision whether to deport him/her is made in consideration of the reason for residence and seriousness of the violation when he or she has strong tie with Japan and decision from humanitarian point of view is needed

 If your case matches to one of the followings it can be said that the Special Permission for Residence is high likely to be granted.

@Married Japanese (or planning to marry Japanese)
AHave Japanese Dependant.
BMarried someone with “Permanent Resident” or “Long-Term Resident” (or planning to marry).

 Details on the application overstays may be able to make are presented at ACROSEED’s home page below. Please? take a look.
Support Service for Application for Special Permission of Residence.

ACROSEED will refund whole service fee in case the application for Special Permission for Residence has been denied

1. Full refund if the application was rejected.

At ACROSEED, we have COMPLETE FULL REFUND SYSTEM for the application for Special Permission for Residence. (Full refund may not apply to cases with special conditions or when there has been problems which the client is to be blamed for. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.)

We do not only prepare documents but also pursue our jobs by placing an importance on obtaining visa. For that reason, in order to be faithful with our clients, we do not offer our service for cases with low possibility of obtaining visa, and provide support with care until obtaining visa.

As a result of such effort, we have made more than 600 applications for Special Permission for Residence since opening of our office in 1986 and the percentage of approval has always been close to 100%.

However, in the past 20 years, we have had 5 cases where the application was denied. Those applications fall under one of the below cases.

1.The client did not tell the truth until the application was made
2.When the application has been made due to special reasons and with client’s approval, with the client knowing that the possibility of approval is low
3.The application has been denied due to divorce, being arrested, or the applicant’s whereabouts have been unknown after the application

As such, due to the high percentage of obtaining Special Permission for Residence, it is able for us to provide our clients “full refund service in case of the application has been denied”.

*However, the Full Refund System does not apply when applying for Provisional Release and Special Permission for Residence for those who have already been sent to the Immigration Bureau.

Flow of Application for Special Permission for Residence (In case of Full Support Service)

1. Advice on Marriage Procedure

Explanation of international marriage procedures, going to the Immigration Bureau upon request will be done without additional fees. We also deal with cases such as applicant does not have a passport, cannot obtain unmarried certificate, have married under a false name, etc.

2. Flow of procedures for Special Permission for Residence and matters to be careful

We will explain the points to be careful about in making applications by introducing our past experiences and similar cases we have held in the past.

3. Preparation of documents based on the client’s situation

Usually, we prepare documents to be submitted at the time of appearing at the Immigration Bureau beforehand with care so that the application procedure may go smooth.

4. Going to the Immigration Bureau with the client (appearing at the Immigration Bureau)

Our immigration lawyer will stand by during the procedures (usually 1〜3 hours from application until interview with the immigration officer)on the day of first appearance. In addition, we will apply for Provisional Release in case the applicant is arrested when appearing at the Immigration.

5. Periodic report of progress

For some cases, it takes about one month to obtain visa from the day of application but others take about 2 years at the longest. During the period of waiting for approval from the Immigration, we check the progress at the Immigration Bureau and report to our clients periodically. When additional documents are required, we will deal without additional fee. In addition, when the applicant has been called to go to the Immigration Bureau, our immigration lawyer will go to the Immigration Bureau with the applicant, and support with responsibility until obtaining visa.

ACROSEED’s Special Permission for Residence Application Service