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Special Permission for Residence

Special Permission for Residence
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1.What is Special Permission for Residence?

1.What is Special Permission for Residence?

As the title suggests this is special permission in order to live in Japan. Specifically this is a way for those living in Japan illegally for whatever reason (overstay, illegal entry, criminal conviction while in Japan etc.). This permission is incredibly difficult to get and must be approved directly by the Minister of Justice.

2. Who Can Apply for it?

The permission itself while technically open to all those illegally staying in Japan realistically those in the following situations have the best chance of being approved.

1).Married to a Japanese National
2).Raising your child who is a Japanese National
3). Married to a Permanent Resident or Long-Term Resident

3. How Can I apply for this Special Permission?

Because this is 'special' permission there is no real official way to apply for it. Instead you need to take yourself to Immigration and appear in front of an immigration officer. You will then be given two options.

a. Leave the country and receive a 1 year ban from entry

If you are not in one of the situations above this may be your best chance of being able to come back to Japan in the future however, there is no promise that you will be able to.

b. Stay and apply for special permission for residence

If you are in one of the situations above (particularly if you are married to a Japanese national) and desperately want to stay in Japan this is probably your best bet. However, there is a big warning here. If you do decide to go forward with this application you will enter into deportation paperwork. If this is not approved you will be officially deported from Japan and barred for a minimum of 5 years.

2.What are some Common Case Examples?

I married my partner but have recently realised that they are overstaying their visa.
My spouse was suddenly arrested by immigration.
My visa spouse visa application was suddenly rejected and now they are threatening to deport me.

For more information please contact us either by phone or through our website.

3.What Happens if My Application is Rejected?

At Acroseed we understand that this is an incredibly difficult application. Because of this we offer two options for those whose applications are rejected and are unfortunately deported.

1). Full Refund-If you want to give up and there isn't a realistic way for you to come to Japan again in the future we will refund the full amount you paid. (This may not always be applicable depending on the reason for the rejection or specific situation of the application.)

2). If you don't want to give up we will continue to support you and move from an application for permission for residence to applying for special permission to enter.

4.Flow of Application for Special Permission for Residence

  • 1

    Advice on Marriage Procedure
    Explanation of international marriage procedures, going to the Immigration Bureau upon request will be done without additional fees. We also deal with cases such as applicant does not have a passport, cannot obtain unmarried certificate, have married under a false name, etc.
  • 2

    Flow of procedures for Special Permission for Residence and matters to be careful
    We will explain the points to be careful about in making applications by introducing our past experiences and similar cases we have held in the past.
  • 3

    Preparation of documents based on the client’s situation
    Usually, we prepare documents to be submitted at the time of appearing at the Immigration Bureau beforehand with care so that the application procedure may go smooth.
  • 4

    Going to the Immigration Bureau with the client
    Our immigration lawyer will stand by during the procedures (usually 1~3 hours from application until interview with the immigration officer)on the day of first appearance. In addition, we will apply for Provisional Release in case the applicant is arrested when appearing at the Immigration.
  • 5

    Periodic report of progress
    For some cases, it takes about one month to obtain visa from the day of application but others take about 2 years at the longest. During the period of waiting for approval from the Immigration, we check the progress at the Immigration Bureau and report to our clients periodically.

    When additional documents are required, we will deal without additional fee. In addition, when the applicant has been called to go to the Immigration Bureau, our immigration lawyer will go to the Immigration Bureau with the applicant, and support with responsibility until obtaining visa.

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6.Prices(※Excluding tax)

・Our services are available nationwide. Customers living far away can also request services at the following rates.

・You can also pay by Visa card or Mastercard.

Obtaining a special residence permit 250,000JPY
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