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1.What is Naturalization?

1. What is Naturalization?

Naturalization means the acquisition of another nationality, in this case Japanese. The major difference between Permanent Residence and Naturalization is that after naturalization the applicant becomes a Japanese national and must abandon any other nationalities that they may have held.

2.Who is eligible for Naturalization?

Firstly, unlike many other countries there isn't a requirement to be a permanent resident. Below are the general requirements:

1. Residency requirement

The applicant needs to have lived in Japan continuously for a period of no less than 5 years. Further at least 3 of those years must have been spent on a working visa. There are a couple of exceptions to this for example spouses of Japanese who only need to have lived in Japan for 3 years. This means that if you had been living in Japan for 3 years prior to marriage you would automatically become eligible based on this rule).

2.Age requirement

You must be over the age of 20 and considered a legal adult in your country of origin.

3. You must be of good character.

This is generally interpreted to refer to criminal records and whether or not you have any late or missing tax payments.

4. Financial requirement

Either you, or you and your spouse together must have the financial ability to support yourselves and generally be stable. This means that if you have a lot of credit card debt or low salaries you may have trouble convincing the examiner of your stability.

5. Nationality relinquishment requirement

In order to naturalize as a Japanese citizen you must either be stateless or intend to give up your other nationality upon approval of naturalization.

6. You must not be part of any gang or political group that is planning or carrying out activities in order to destabilize Japanese society or the Japanese government.

The main caveat with these requirements is that they are the minimum requirements. Fulfilling all of these does not mean that your application will necessarily be successful. There are a myriad of other factors that the legal affairs bureau take into consideration when deciding on your application. These include your Japanese language ability, and whether or not you are integrating into your local community i.e. work or your local neighborhood.

3. How does the application work?

The main difference between naturalization and permanent residence in this regard is that fact that pr is decided purely based on documents. Naturalization in contrast, while it does involve a lot of paperwork also includes interviews and in some cases home visits. Because of this the applicant themselves must go and submit the application. Acroseed therefore generally compiles documentation and if the applicant desires it we are also able to attend meetings for an extra cost.

2.What are some Common Case Examples?

Cannot prepare some of the required documents
Cannot spare time for the document preparation
Want ACROSEED check the document prepared by oneself.
Want ACROSEED to create a letter stating the reason.

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3.Support we offer

Our qualified Specialists will support you every step of the way towards getting your Japanese Passport.

We will give you advice so that you can succeed in your initial meeting with the legal affairs bureau.
We will accompany you to meetings with the legal affairs bureau and liaise with the interviewer on your behalf regarding documents so you can relax and focus on your answers
We will help you obtaining any documents you will need
We will create and submit all of the application documents on your behalf
We will advise you on strategies to make the most of your meetings with the legal affairs bureau.

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