Application for Naturalization

Need to apply for Naturalization at the Legal Affair Bureau when obtaining Japanese citizenship.

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What is Naturalization?

 Application for Naturalization means to apply for Japanese Citizenship by abandoning citizenship of other country.

 The application for naturalization is to be lodged at a Legal Affair Bureau of the region where the applicant resides because it is different from normal visa application. The applicant must submit the application documents. No one else can do this on his or her behalf.

 This means although ACROSEED accepted the request of Naturalization application the applicant self is to go to the Legal Affair Bureau with the documents we prepared, and submit.
(If the applicant wishes one of ACROSEED staff shall accompany him or her to support the application procedure)

  In case of Naturalization application, the applicant is to submit vast amount of documents. It starts on collecting various certificates from his or her country. This seems to disturb the prompt preparations while engaging in work/housework when he or she tries to apply him or herself because preparation and collection of the documents take long time and effort.

Examples of frequent requests of application for Naturalization application.

1. Cannot prepare some of the required documents
2. Cannot spare time for the document preparation
3. Want ACROSEED check the document prepared by oneself.
4. Want ACROSEED to create a letter stating the reason.

Cost of application for Naturalization through ACROSEED

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