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Necessary for sightseeing, meeting, visiting family members, and other purposes.

Temporary Visa
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What is Temporary Visa?

 Temporary visa is a type of visa granted to those who enter and stay in Japan for short period of time on purpose of sightseeing, family gathering, sports, business meetings and so on. It is also called Tourist Visa.

 Those from Russia, China, Philippine, and other countries which have not signed Visa Exemption Agreement with Japan must apply for the visa even if the purpose of entry is sightseeing.

 Generally speaking Temporary Visa is easily granted as long as the applicant has enough money for the travel and return air tickets. But in some cases those from China, Philippine, Russia, and other particular countries, are required to present various documents such as a guarantee letter.

 ACROSEED receives a lot of concerns from the applicants that they can not find out the reason of the rejection of the application, therefore, do not know what to do because the assessment criteria is confidential.

 Detailed information and required documents for Temporary Visa are presented on the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs below. Please refer to it if you are thinking to apply for the visa yourself.

 The homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Examples of frequently received requests regarding Temporary Visa application

1. Want to invite parents/children in overseas to Japan for family gathering.
2. Want to invite my friends for sightseeing.
3. Want to invite employees in overseas office for a business meeting.
4. Want to invite participants for an international meeting and an event.

Cost of Temporary Visa application through ACROSEED

*Discount may apply for multiple applications

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