Skilled Labour Visa Application

For employment of overseas worker with special skill such as chef and pilot

Skilled Labour Visa
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What is Skilled Labour Visa?

 Skilled Labour Visa is granted to someone whose employment is in special field, therefore, requiring the skill. Particularly chefs, carpenters of foreign-particular buildings, airplane pilots, processors of jewelry and fur, sports trainers, and sommeliers.

 It is probable that results of the visa applications have great effects on business plans and the sales of the employer companies because those who come to Japan with the visa have special skills.

 It is often the case that the person in human resource in a company requests our assistance when he or she have little idea on the visa application because the it is not applied so often, therefore specialized knowledge of the visa application is not maintained by the employer company.

Examples of frequently received requests of Skilled Labour Visa.

1. Want to invite a chef from overseas.
2. Want to invite a sports trainer.
3. Want to invite a chaser
4. Want to invite an engineer for foreign-particular mechanic maintenance.
5. Want to invite a pilot of cargo plane.

Cost of Skilled Labour Visa application through ACROSEED.

*Discount may apply for multiple applications made at one time.

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