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Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa

Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa
Japan Visa Application Service > Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa

1.What is the Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services Visa?

1. What is the Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services Visa?

Put simply this is what most people would call the 'working visa'. This is generally considered to be the visa with the widest remit. This visa is given to those wanting to work in Japan for both private/public companies as well as government bodies.

This visa is split up into 3 sections

1. Engineer-

This is broadly given to those who intend to work in science related fields. A big example of this would be an engineer or a computer programmer.

Qualifications required:
Either a science degree (Bachelor's usually) or 10 years of relevant full-time work experience.
2.Specialist in Humanities

This is broadly given to those who intend to work in the humanities (arts). Examples of this include marketing etc.

Qualifications required:
A related Bachelor's degree or 10 years of relevant full-time work experience.
3. International Services

This is given to those who work in fields that immigration deem there to be some kind of specific benefit in being carried out by a foreign national. The main examples of this that stand out are language teaching, and translation.

Qualifications required:
-A bachelor's degree or 3 years of relevant full-time work experience.
-N.B. depending on the specialism it can be possible to qualify as the graduate of a technical school (専門学校).

This is quite a wide reaching visa however, if you are deemed to fall into one of the other working visas such as legal/accounting, medical workers, intra-company transfer you will need to apply for that visa instead.

2. Some things to look out for.

1. Minimum Residence Requirement:

Unlike permanent residence there is no defined minimum amount in each year that you need to be in Japan in order to be able to renew your visa. As long as you can prove that you have a good reason to be out of the country and that you are still working based out of Japan (and using your visa) you should be ok with renewals.

2. The Overlap Between Humanities and International Services:

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out which of these you fall under. For example depending on a few factors a designer may qualify under humanities or international services. It is therefore important to be careful and be sure to apply using the correct category and submit the required documents.

2.What are some common case examples?

I have just graduated from University in Japan and found a job so I need a working visa.
I have just finished my technical college and have a job offer so I need a working visa.
I applied for the working visa but I was rejected and don't know why. I want to re-apply.
I was working for a company but I have quit and decided to go forward as a freelancer.

We support people of all walks of life to live in Japan and offer free consultation. Our experts will support you and work with you to find the best way for you to come and live in Japan.

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3.Support we offer

1. Consulting

We work with you to find any things that may cause problems with the application and do our best to negate the damage that they cause.

We will match you with the best lawyer for your case based on the lawyer's experience and the particular details of your inquiry.

2.Preparation of Documents

We create all application documents to give you the best chance for success in your application.

In order to be able to prepare documents in a speedy and efficient way we have support staff who create the documents and these are then checked over by an expert lawyer to make sure that they are 100% After this you will be given the chance to look over before you sign.

3.We handle all trips to immigration on your behalf

We understand that especially in the current climate you may not want to go to immigration and wait in lines for hours. We also understand that not everybody has the time to spend a whole day waiting to submit the application and another day when they get the results.

This is why we handle all applications and collections of new visas on your behalf and you should not have to step foot near immigration.

4.We will liaise with immigration during the application

If we are asked to explain something in more detail Acroseed will work as a mediator between you and immigration to make sure that we can communicate what you want to say to them without any issues.

We will also support you in the case that immigration ask for any additional supporting evidence.

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5.Prices(※Excluding tax)

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・You can also pay by Visa card or Mastercard.

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