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Q&A for Japanese visa application

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Q&A for Japanese visa application

Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/ International Services

Can I do a part-time job on the Specialist in Humanities visa?

Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa

I am currently living in Japan on a Highly skilled visa. Is it possible for me to do a part time job in my designated field?

I have the Highly Skilled-visa. What happens if I change job or take on a part-time contract job on the side?

Investor/Business Manager

I am currently living in Japan on a Humanities Visa but want to start my own business. How can I change to the Business Manager Visa?

I want to move to Japan to start a business. What do I need?

Spouse or Child of JP

My husband just lost his job. Will this be a problem for me renewing my spousal visa?

I want to bring my husband to Japan. What are my options for visas?

Permanent Resident

Permanent Residence Guarantor

I am married to a Japanese person and got my permanent residency visa last year. Unfortunately, it looks like we might be getting a divorce. Will I lose my visa?

Please tell me the requirements for obtaining Permanent Residence in Japan

I am considering applying for permanent residence, but I have traveled abroad a lot for company business and I am concerned about my residency history.

I would like to apply for permanent residence, but will I be denied if I have a history of traffic violations?

Which is Better, Naturalization or Permanent Residence?

Application for Naturalization

I want to naturalise as a Japanese citizen. What should I do?

I am wondering about the process of getting Japanese citizenship and how long it generally takes.

Some common questions about Dual Citizenship in Japan

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