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What is the Long Term Resident Visa?

The visa's name comes from the word 定着性 (connection) and is usually given to those that the Minister of Justice deems to have either special connection to Japan or a humanitarian reason to be able to stay in Japan.

Some examples of Long Term Resident Visas include:

- Refugees who have been granted asylum
-Those with Japanese ancestry
-Spouses of Long-Term Residence
- Children of Permanent Residents
-A minor to be financially supported by a Japanese national, Permanent Resident etc.

These are some common examples however, this visa is given based on individual circumstances so it is possible that those in other situations may be able to get the visa however, in that case it is incumbent upon the applicant to demonstrate their specific need for the visa.

Common Case Examples

-' I was married to a Japanese national but we got divorced (my partner passed away).'
-'I have Permanent Residence/ Long-Term Residence and want to bring my spouse or child to Japan.
-'My Grandfather was Japanese but my parents were born in America and never got Japanese citizenship.'

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We work with you to find any things that may cause problems with the application and do our best to negate the damage that they cause.

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We understand that especially in the current climate you may not want to go to immigration and wait in lines for hours. We also understand that not everybody has the time to spend a whole day waiting to submit the application and another day when they get the results. This is why we handle all applications and collections of new visas on your behalf and you should not have to step foot near immigration.

4.We will liaise with immigration during the application

 If we are asked to explain something in more detail Acroseed will work as a mediator between you and immigration to make sure that we can communicate what you want to say to them without any issues. We will also support you in the case that immigration ask for any additional supporting evidence.

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