Long Term Resident Visa

Needed when someone from overseas divorced his or her spouse or inviting his or her child(ren).

Long Term Resident Visa
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What is Long Term Resident Visa?

 Long Term Resident Visa is the status of residence granted by the Minister of Justice in consideration of each applicant’s situation. Therefore the applicant must prove the necessity of residence in Japan to apply for the visa.

 Long Term Resident Visa does not have limitation on work. The person with the visa can engage in any kind of activity just as Japanese. But still the visa extension is necessary as it is different from Permanent Residence.

 The majority of consultations regarding the visa application are by those with a status of residence of Spouse or Child of Japanese National. They need the visa because they divorced their spouse.

 Similarly when those with permanent residence or spouse or child of Japanese national visa desire to invite their parents/children in their countries to live together in Japan it is possible to obtain Long Term Residence Visa.

Examples of frequently received requests of application for Long Term Residence Visa.

1. Want to obtain the visa because he/she divorced the spouse or the spouse
2. Want to call his/her children in the mother country to Japan and live
3. Want to call his/her parents in the mother country to Japan and live

Cost of an application for Long Term Residence Visa through ACROSEED

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