Application for Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa.

Those married Japanese need to obtain the visa called “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”

Spouse visa
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What is Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa?

 It is generally called spouse visa or marriage visa. The official name of the status of residence is “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”.

 This is obtainable for:
1. A person from overseas who married a Japanese.
2. An adopted child of Japanese in accordance with the provisions of Article
  817-2 of the Civil Code. (not by a normal adopted child)
3. A child of Japanese National.

 It is considered that 70% to 80% of marriage with Japanese are false. Therefore assessments by immigration officers are becoming very strict. (especially towards the visa application by marriage with Chinese female).

  We advise to bring the application to a specialist with good record of successful applications because it is often seen that the application is rejected a few times.

Examples of frequently received requests of application for Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa.

1. Married someone in other country. He or she applied for the visa him or
   herself but rejected.
2. An overseas person who divorced his or her Japanese spouse want to apply
   for the visa extension after he or she again married Japanese.
3. Want to call his or her spouse with deportation record to Japan again.

Fees of application for Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa.

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