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1. What is Special Permission for Landing?

1. What is Special Permission for Landing?

Contrary to the name this has absolutely nothing to do with the actual landing of the plane. This actually refers to entry in to Japan.

Put simply this is a special type of permission allowing the entry of those who for whatever reason are barred from entry into Japan. The most common reason for one to be barred from entry is if they had been deported from Japan in the past.

2. What happens if I am deported?

If it is decided that you are going to be deported from Japan two things will generally happen.

1). You will be given a flight time and need to be there for leaving the country.

2).After you leave you will then be barred from entering the country. Depending on the circumstances of your deportation this can be either 5 years, 10 years or indefinite.

5 years is the most common in the case of simple overstay while 10 years and indefinite bans are only usually given to those who were deported due to some other offence such as drugs or aiding and abetting illegal workers.

If you desperately need to come back to Japan then the only way you will be able to do this is to apply for special permission for landing.

3. How can I apply for this permission?

Similar to special permission for residence this isn't something specifically outlined in the law. However, it is a special permission that the minister of Justice approves based on exceptional circumstances. Therefore in order to apply for this you need to apply for a certificate of eligibility and further submit evidence that you have exceptional circumstances that mean you need to come to Japan.

In our experience the first, second and even third applications are usually rejected. In cases that end up being successful they are usually 2 or 3 years into their period of being barred. It is therefore of vital importance that we show that your relationship with your spouse and/or children is continuing.

This being said there is always a risk that no matter how many times you apply you may never be successful.

4. What happens if the application is successful?

Similar to a normal visa application you will be given a certificate of eligibility and will need to take this to your local embassy or consulate in order to apply for an entry visa to be put into your passport. From then you will be required to notify the embassy of your travel date and flight number.

What are some Common Case Examples?

Below are a few examples of people who may wish to apply for this permission.

・Somebody who was banned for 5-10 years and this time hasn't yet passed.
・Somebody who unsuccessfully applied for Special Permission for Residence who had to return to their home country.
・Somebody who was deported but their family is still living in Japan.

3.An overview of an example case

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