Special Permission for Landing

It is the permission to bring someone who was deported, to Japan during barred period.

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What is Special Permission for Landing?

 It is a permission to enable someone deported to come to Japan during Barred Period. Cases below are examples to which the permission may be granted.

 ○Someone deported and still in Barred Period of 5~10 years.
 ○The spouse was deported because the application for the permission
   prepared oneself was unsuccessful.
 ○Want to live with his/her family in Japan after deported.

 Normally entry to Japan is banned for 5 years (in some cases 10 years) if deported. It is a permission applied by someone who strongly desires to come to Japan although he/she is in the barred period.

 Special Permission for Landing is not an official permission provided by law similarly to Special Permission for Residence. It is a permission granted exceptionally by the Minister of Justice if he decides the case needs special consideration.

 Therefore it does not always mean the permission is granted once the application is accepted. Also, in some cases, the permission is not granted even after multiple applications. If the permission is granted exceptionally a Status of Residence is issued and he/she is to apply for a visa at an embassy or a consulate in his/her country. Then the flight number to Japan needs to be notified to the Immigration Bureau at an airport before departure. He/she needs to go through necessary procedures on arrival.

 Application information regarding overstay is presented in detail on the Home Page managed by ACROSEED. Please take a look.

Support Service for Application for Special Permission of Residence.

Application Service for Special Permission for Landing provided by ACROSEED.

 Applications for Special Permission for Landing are made up to 3 times with one fixed payment by ACROSEED. Furthermore we not only lodge application documents but also we make a schedule spending a few years and give continuous instructions to raise the possibility of visa grant.

1.Consultations regarding Special Permission for Landing.

 We will ask you in detail of your life in Japan and why you were deported. On the basis of that we make a schedule and give you instructions on what to do and what kind of documents to prepare according to the situation.

2. Preparation and lodgment of application document for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence involved in application for Special Permission for Landing.
(Applications are made once every 10 months. In total 3 applications are made with one fixed payment)

 We prepare documents required for the application and lodge them at an Immigration Bureau on your behalf.

3.Checking the application status.

 In some cases it takes considerable time when marriage is involved. If it takes longer than usual time we check the application status.


 If the permission is granted we will post you the Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence and you need to obtain a visa in your country. The way of entry to Japan is slightly different from normal one. We give you a detailed explanation.

 If the application is unsuccessful we shall have consultations with you and make a schedule for next application.

Examples of frequently made requests of application for Special Permission for Landing.

1. Special Permission for Residence was applied by oneself but the spouse was deported
2. Want to come back to Japan as soon as possible because there is his/her family in Japan although still in Barred Period (1year, 5 years, 10 years) after deported

Cost of an Application for Special Permission for Landing through ACROSEED.

1. Application for Special Permission for Landing

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