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ACROSEED have been providing Alien- Support Service.

Office Outline
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Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office ACROSEED Company Outline

 Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office ACROSEED (Previously Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office) have been providing services mainly in visa applications and in permits and authorizations applications since opened in 1986.

 Visa application service is provided by Visa Application Division that is a part of Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office ACROSEED.

 Gyoseishoshi Lawyers’ who are approved by the Minister of Justice as specialists in visa applications, and staffs familiar with each different visas work together to support your visa application with the expertise.


1. Our specialist staffs shall consult you faithfully.

2. We shall prepare the most suitable application documents for you on the
   basis of more than 8000 of visa application data and the recent current of
   Immigration Bureau.

3. You shall be informed if the success rate of the application is expected to
   be less than 50 % or the case is expected to cause loss to you.

4. We try our hardest to obtain the visa for you.

5. We do not consider the completion of requested work as the end of our
   service. Our services shall include providing continuing supports and the
   latest information so that you can focus on your own work.


■Name   ACROSEED Gyoseishoshi Lawear’ Office
Visa Application Service
■The Representative Staff   Makoto Sano (a Goseishoshi Lawyer)
■Address   8th Floor Hirakawacho Bldg, 2-6-1 Hirakawacho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan.
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Office: 03-6905-6371

FAX   03-5276-3233
■Year of Office Establishment   September, 1986. Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyers’ Office January, 2007. Renamed to Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office ACROSEED.
■Available Services   ・Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Status
 of Residence.
・Application for Permission to Change the Status
 of Residence.
・Application for Permission to Extend the Period
 of Stay.
・Application for Certificate of Authorized
・Application for Permission to Engage in an
  Activity Other Than That Permitted by the
  Status of Residence Previous Granted.
・Application for Re-entry Permission
・Application for Permanent Residence.
・Application for Naturalization.
・Application for Special Permission for Residence.
・Application for Special Permission for Landing
・Application for Provisional Release for the
 Detainee at an Immigration Bureau.
■The number of staffs in Visa Application Division  
Gyoseishoshi Lawyers 4名
Staff in charge of English 1名
Staff in charge of Mandarin 1名
Staff in charge of Korean 1名
Staff in charge of Marriage Registration 1名
Staff in charge of Permanent Residence/Naturalization. 1名
Staff in charge of Working Visa 1名
Staff in charge of Investor/Business Manager Visa 1名
■Groups   ACROSEED Corporation.
ACROSEED Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office
Visa Application Division
Corporate Body Establishment Division
Permits and Authorization Application Division
ACROSEED Social Insurance and Labour Management Consultant’s Office.
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