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What is a Provisional Release?

1.What is a Provisional Release?

Recently more than ever Japan has been clamping down on how it deals with those here illegally or overstaying their visas. Because of this we have been inundated with calls from people whose spouses and partners have suddenly been arrested and are being held in an immigration detention center.

However, there is a possibility of applying for a 'Provisional Release' and having that person be temporarily released from detention. A simple comparison for this would be bail.

As long as you meet certain requirements like immigration being sure that you don't pose a flight risk, have somewhere to stay, and are able to pay a bail deposit of usually between ¥300,000 to ¥600,000 there is a good chance that you will be allowed to leave the detention center.

2. Who can apply for this?

As a general rule the detained person themselves would apply for this however, depending on the circumstances it may be possible for a legal guardian, their spouse or a direct family member to apply for this on their behalf.

3. How long does a Provisional Release Protect you?

The Provisional Release is intended as a way to track those undergoing the deportation process so usually this lasts until you are either deported or granted special permission for residence.

This however, is not intended as a permanent or long-term solution so it is very important to get your paperwork together and make your case to immigration as soon as you can.

What are some Common Case Examples?

-Me and my partner went to the city hall to get married but he was suddenly arrested and taken to immigration detention.

-Me and my husband went to immigration to apply for his spousal visa but they said he was overstaying and took him away to the detention center.

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3.Why Choose us?

 Here at Acroseed we have years of experience dealing with these particular types of cases. This means we are able to judge from your circumstances whether there is a good chance of the provisional release being granted.

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3.Receiving the Results

We will support you up until the results are released. This includes support for additional documentation requests.

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