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An application for release of overseas person detained by Immigration Bureau

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What is Provisional Release?

 In recent years we receive increasing number of requests saying, for example, a spouse or a fiancee of a client has been apprehended by police/Immigration Bureau for over stay as further law enforcement against illegal residents was made.

 It is possible to apply for Provisional Release for the detainee if certain requirements of the release are met.

 Ones who are eligible to apply for Provisional Release are:

  1. the detainee
  2. the agent including a Gyoseisyoshi lawyer of the detainee.
  3. The spouse.
  4. the brothers and sisters or the direct relative.Etc.

 Although the amount of “Security Bond is said to be under \3 million by the law actual amount required seems to be around \300,000 to \600,000.

 If the person from overseas was apprehended and transferred from a police station to Immigration Bureau normally he or she is to be deported within 1 month as all the procedures are finalized by then.

 Therefore it is necessary to prepare appropriate documents promptly to deliver the intention and necessity to remain in Japan and apply for Provisional Release of the detainee before he or she is deported.

 Please contact us as soon as possible if your spouse or fiancee has been apprehended for illegal stay and other charges.

 Detailed information on the procedure for overstays is on ACROSEED website. Please take a look.

Support Service for Application for Special Permission of Residence.

ACROSEED Application Support Service for Provisional Release.

 We apply for Provisional Release and Special Permission for Residence so that the client can remain in Japan. It is done if we find that the application for Provisional Release is likely to be approved after careful consultations.

1. Consultations on Provisional Release.

 We explain the instances of approved cases and the amount of the bond, confirming the current circumstance and the life in Japan as well. If necessary we visit the detainee and confirm details.

2. Preparation of application documents for Provisional Release.  

 We prepare required documents according to your/the detainee’s circumstance on the basis of experience in application for Provisional Release.

3. A company for application document lodgment

 To avoid unnecessary work we usually ask the spouse or family member of the detainee to lodge application documents. A staff accompanies you when you lodge application documents. And we make sure it is received.

Examples of frequently made requests.

1. A request by Japanese that his or her spouse or fiancee has been apprehended and transferred from a police station to Immigration Bureau. He or she wants to get him or her out.
2. Have to take care of family.
3. Have to receive regular treatment at a hospital.
4. Want to liquidate one’s own company before deported.

Cost of an application for Provisional Release through ACROSEED.

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