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Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence
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1.What is Permanent Residence?

1. What is Permanent Residence?

Just like it says on the tin this is a visa that allows you to live in Japan indefinitely.

2. 5 Benefits of Permanent Residence

There are many benefits to Permanent Residence so let's go through a few.

1. No need for renewals

Unlike other visas where you need to go through the process of gathering your evidence and applying every 1-5 years, Permanent Residence is indefinite. This means that you don't have to spend hours and hours waiting at immigration to apply and don't need to worry about whether or not your visa renewal will be approved.

2. Zero work restrictions

From part-time at a convenience store to setting up your own company, there are no restrictions on the kind of job you are allowed to do. Unlike a person with a normal working visa you can do anything you like without needing to worry about breaking the law by doing the wrong job.

3. You have most of the same rights as Japanese nationals

With the exception of the right to vote as a permanent resident you basically have all of the same rights as Japanese nationals. This can be seen through how PR holders were the first to be able to re-enter the country after the border was closed and recently with PR holders being allowed to invite family for short visits.

4. Benefits when applying for a mortgage

Probably one of the most well-known benefits of permanent residence is that it means you are able to get a mortgage from a bank. While it is not entirely true that those without PR can't get mortgages it makes the screening process a huge amount smoother. It also means that the interest rate you pay is significantly lower than someone without PR.

5. There are benefits for your family

Currently the immediate family members (spouse, children) qualify for the dependent visa. While this is a great visa it is rather restrictive. Those with this visa must apply for permission to work and even then they are only permitted to work up to 28 hours a week. If you can get PR your family can then get family visas based on this. These visas have no work restrictions and allow your family to apply for their own PR after just a few years of living here.

3. What are the Requirements for Permanent Residence?

1.Continuous Residence

The main and most prominent requirement for PR in Japan is continuous residence for a certain period of time. For most people this is 10 years but for those on the spouse route or highly skilled professional route this is either 1/ years.

This residence needs to be continuous. This means that even if you have lived in Japan in total for more than 10 years in total but left the country for an extended period of time during this you would not qualify for the 10 year route. The general rule for an extended period of time is more than 110 days in any given year.

2. Good Character

Put simply this refers to having a clean criminal record (including traffic violations such as parking and speeding tickets). This also refers to taxes such as the pension, and health insurance and residence tax. For these you need to be fully paid up on time. If you have late payments in the past this can hurt your prospects of being approved for PR.

3. Financial Stability

You must be able to demonstrate to immigration that you will be able to support yourself financially after your PR is approved. This is usually proved by having a stable job (or if you are a stay at home father/mother that your spouse has a stable job). A general rule for income is that it must not dip below 3 million yen within the most recent 5 years. Financial stability can also be demonstrated through showing that you own your house or through showing savings.

2.What are Some Common Case Examples?

I have lived in Japan for a long time but not exactly sure I qualify
I am living in Japan but need to travel a lot for my work do. I am worried about the continuous residence.
I applied myself but my application was rejected

We support people of all walks of life to live in Japan and offer free consultation. Our experts will support you and work with you to find the best way for you to come and live in Japan.

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4.Support we offer

1. Consulting

We work with you to find any things that may cause problems with the application and do our best to negate the damage that they cause.

We will match you with the best lawyer for your case based on the lawyer's experience and the particular details of your inquiry.

2.Preparation of Documents

We create all application documents to give you the best chance for success in your application.

In order to be able to prepare documents in a speedy and efficient way we have support staff who create the documents and these are then checked over by an expert lawyer to make sure that they are 100% After this you will be given the chance to look over before you sign.

3.We handle all trips to immigration on your behalf

We understand that especially in the current climate you may not want to go to immigration and wait in lines for hours. We also understand that not everybody has the time to spend a whole day waiting to submit the application and another day when they get the results.

This is why we handle all applications and collections of new visas on your behalf and you should not have to step foot near immigration.

4.We will liaise with immigration during the application

If we are asked to explain something in more detail Acroseed will work as a mediator between you and immigration to make sure that we can communicate what you want to say to them without any issues.

We will also support you in the case that immigration ask for any additional supporting evidence.

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