Application for Permanent Residence

If the long steady life in Japan has been confirmed it is possible to obtain Permanent Residence.

Permanent Residence
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What is Permanent Residence?

 If Permanent Residence is obtained the range of activities and period of stay in Japan are no longer limited. Of course visa extension is no longer required either (Re-entry permission must be extended). This is a huge advantage for those from overseas.

 However there is no change in their status as alien even after Permanent Residences is granted. One may be deported if he or she is decided so. They have no suffrage at the moment.

 Permanent Residence is applicable on the premise that one has lived in Japan for long period of time and established basis for stable life in Japan.

 Examples of successful and non-successful applications for Permanent Residence are shown in the website published by the Immigration Bureau below. Please take a look if your are interested.

  Immigration Bureau: examples of successful and non-successful applications for Permanent Residence.

Examples of frequently received requests of application for Permanent Residence.

1. I live in Japan for long time and it is just too much trouble to extend the visa.
  So I wish to obtain Permanent Residence.
2. Concerning about resident history because I often go to overseas on
   business. That is why I requested ACROSEED’s assistance for the
3. The application done myself was rejected. Want to apply again.

Cost of application for Permanent Residence through ACROSEED.

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