Investor/Business Manager Visa Application

Neccesary when inviting a president from overseas, and when an alien manages a company in Japan

Investor/Business Manager Visa
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What is Investor/Business Manager Visa?

 Investor/Business Manager Visa is a status of residence required when a person from overseas establish a company, administrate the business, and invest on it to manage it.

 An investor/business manager means an actual participant in the company administration and management. Particularly a President, a Director, an Auditor, a Manager, a Factory Manager, and a Branch Manager.

 To obtain the visa it is required to establish a real company and employ workers, then prepare everything so that the business can be initiated immediately before the visa application. It is often the case that the visa was not granted because the preparation was not completed due to the short of specialist knowledge. Company establishment requires the knowledge because it involves not only regulations of Commercial code but also it involves various regulations of immigration laws.

 Especially when managing a restaurant the restaurant lease contract, shop fitting, and food stocking are necessary. It needs great investment before the application. However the already-established company or shop has to be sold if the visa is not granted. To take into account the financial loss and trust relation with the trading companies it is not too much to say that unsuccessful application for Investor/Business Manager Visa is critical.

 To avoid such loss it is advised to seek for a piece of advice from experienced specialist before starting the procedure.

Examples of frequently received requests for Investor/Business Manager Visa.

 ACROSEED have been involved in more than 500 applications of Investor/Business Managers Visa since the opening of the office. The examples of frequently received requests are as follows:

1. A foreign company is looking to establish a corporation in Japan, and want to obtain Investor/Business Manager Visa for the manager.
2. Those who hold College Student Visa, Dependant Visa, or Working Visa, want to start their own business.
3. An investor living in overseas want to obtain the visa to establish a company in Japan.

The flow chart of Investor/Business Manager Visa acquisition (when establishing a company and managing the business).

1. Corporate Body Establishment (or Investment)

2. Report to the relevant authorities
Business initiation notice. Acquisition of a permit or an authorization.

3. Preparation for initiation of the Business
Shop preparation, stocking, execution of a business contract

4. Recruiting workers
Joining Labour Insurance and Social insurance

5. Preparation of application documents lodged to an immigration office
Preparation of the business plan

6. Lodging application for the visa at an immigration office

7. Visa granted.

Services provided by ACROSEED for Investor/Business Manager Visa acquisition.

 ACROSEED have immigration lawyers and a certified social insurance and labour management consultant who are very familiar with corporate body establishments in Japan by overseas companies. The affiliated tax accountant is also familiar with tax accounting of companies with foreign trade. This enables ACROSEED to provide support for all procedures involved in company management including company establishment, various insurance, arrange of work rules, payroll, and accounting.

1. Services on company establishment.
 Document preparation required for a corporation establishment.
 Document preparation required for a foreign company Japan Office or Branch establishment.
 Application for Financing to a financial institute.
 Application for subsidy.
 Preparation of work rules and various contracts.

2. Visa application service to obtain the status of residence of “Investor/Business Manager”.

 Documentation for Investor/Business Manager Visa application
 Preparation of the scheme document
 Application to an immigration office.

3. Services after the business initiation

 Preparation of trial balance sheets, journals, and the general ledger/Preparation of accounting document.
 Monthly settlement of account
 Preparation of settlement of account. (the affiliated licensed tax accountant declares).
 End-of-the-year adjustment.
Application for extension of the status of residence.

Cost of Investor/Business Manager Visa application through ACROSEED.

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