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Investor/Business Manager Visa

Investor/Business Manager Visa
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1.What is the Business Manager Visa?

1.What is the Business Manager Visa?

This visa was created in order to allow both foreign entrepreneurs come to Japan and establish/manage their own business as well as allowing foreign executives from big companies to come over to Japan.

Broadly speaking there are three kinds of people who would qualify for this visa:

1). A person who establishes and manages a new business in Japan.
2). A person who manages an existing company in Japan.
3). A person who acts on the behalf of the manager of a company and manages it in Japan.

Examples of the above include: Managing Directors, Directors, Statutory Auditors, Factory Directors etc.

The main thing immigration is looking for when assessing applications is that you are able to come to Japan and start doing business as soon as they give you the visa. This means things like securing an office, having potential vendors lined up, having employees ready to start (if applicable). While there are no specific restrictions on the kind of business you can engage in you must demonstrate to immigration that you are realistically able to do business in that field and that your company is likely to be successful and sustainable.

Because there are a lot of specific rules that need to be followed when establishing a company it is important to be careful or there is a risk that you may set up a company but not be able to get the visa.

Particularly when it comes to the food industry there are a lot of problems people face when it comes to things like opening a restaurant, getting food preparation permissions etc. There is a minefield of potential things that could ruin your chances of being accepted. This would not only lead you to having a company you can't use but may lead to you losing the confidence of your business partners and potential vendors.

This is why we recommend working with a professional with years of experience getting people visas.

2.What are the Requirements?

1). Either the applicant's investment or the total capital of the company must be more than 5million yen.
2). There must be at least 2 full time employees.N.B. This is only strictly applicable to those coming with the intention of managing an already existing company. There may however, be requirements depending on the company. I.e. a restaurant or café etc.
3). For those intending to manage an already existing business you must have at least 3 years of experience managing a company. N.B. this includes business experience undertaken as part of a business related master's degree.

2.What are some Common Case Examples?

At Acroseed have experience successfully applying for thousands of business manager visas. Below are some common examples of cases.

An Exchange student wants to start their own company
.A person with a working visa wants to quit their job and start their own company
Someone living abroad who wants to move to Japan and start a company
Somebody who wants to invite a friend from overseas to run a business with them in Japan

For more information please contact us either by phone or through our website.

3.The Usual Process

This is an example of somebody already living in Japan

  • 1

    Free consultation
    We offer free consultations so please don't hesitate to get in touch.You decide that you want to work with us and we sign a contract.
  • 2

    Creation of company related documents
    We create articles and undergo necessary preparations such as article notarization etc. before establishing the company officially.
  • 3

    Establishment of Company with relevant public offices.
    You need to register your company with the tax office and apply for any relevant permissions.
  • 4

    Business Preparations
    Decorating your restaurant, buying stock etc.
  • 5

    Employment of workers
    If applicable this is when you would get contracts from your future employees.
  • 6

    Creation and Submission of Visa Application Documents
    We create the application documents including a business plan and submit these to immigration.
  • 7

    Receiving results
    When the application is finished the result will be sent to us. We will then go and collect your new residence card.
  • 8

    Return of Documents
    We return your passport and new residence card.

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5.Prices(※Excluding tax)

・Our services are available nationwide. Customers living far away can also request services at the following rates.

・You can also pay by Visa card or Mastercard.

①Acquisition of "business /manager" Visa 150,000JPY
②Establishment of a KK Corporation
(Includes Fees for The Notarization
of Articles of Incorporation, Registration Tax)
③Establishment of LLC
(Includes Registration Tax)
④Creation of Business Plan
(Business plan for acquisition of
"business / manager" Visa)
⑤Establishment of
foreign company (subsidiary)
(Includes Fees for The Notarization
of Articles of Incorporation, Registration Tax)
⑥Preparation of loan application documents
(We Cannot Guarantee Results of Application)
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