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Our Media Appearances

週刊文春デジタル(February 16th 2020)


Read our CEOs comments on illegal foreign work in this article about how illegal foreign labour was discovered allegedly being used by いきなりステーキ(Ikinari Steak).

荘内日報掲載 (December 1st 2019)


Our CEO was featured in this edition of the Yamagata newspaper when we held 4 seminars over Yamagata about making the most of the foreign workforce.

山形新聞掲載(November 29th 2019)

Our CEO was featured in the most popular newspaper in all of Yamagata when we held 4 seminars in over Yamagata about making the most of the foreign workforce.


Our CEO was featured in this newspaper when he attended a conference held by industry leaders about the technical intern trainee scheme.


The website Business Lawyers operated by 弁護士ドットコム株式会社 featured interviews with our CEO about how immigration law could be changed and what effects this will have on the employment of foreigners.


第4回 アルバイトの留学生を社員として採用する際の留意点(2019/06/24)

第3回 外国人社員が在留期限の更新を忘れた場合の対応(2019/06/10)

第2回 外国人雇用を働き方改革のチャンスに変える(2019/05/27)

第1回 新在留資格「特定技能」は人手不足解消の特効薬になりえるか(2019/05/20)


Number of Businesses Run by Foreigners Increasing and What the Government Needs to Do to Support Them


「The End of Abenomics Stage 1: What Comes Next 」


「Voices of Concerned Raised at Strengthening of Support for Employment of Foreigners Critics claim no Clear Control 」


Abe hopes to roll out red carpet for foreign startups

Our Seminars

6th November 2021 Ehime Uwajima Regional Employment Department Conference: Speaker

At this conference held by Ehime’s Uwajima Regional Employment Department our very own manager Orimo lead the conference as a lecturer.

His talk was mainly about practical knowledge for hiring foreigners. He talked about:

1.The Current State of Foreign Employment and Basic Knowledge about Visas
2.Important differences between types of visas when hiring foreigners

July 26th 2021 Ehime Uwajima Regional Employment Department Conference: Speaker

We were lucky enough to speak at this conference and gave a speech on the new age of recruitment and the keys to hiring foreigners.

December 4th 2020 Tokyo International Recruitment Navigation Center Online Seminar: Speaker

Our manager Sano Makoto was lucky to be one of the speakers presenting at this seminar held by the Tokyo International Recruitment Navigation Center. Speakers Included representatives from Pasona, and the Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko. Our manager gave a speech on hiring foreigners and visa procedures.

March 2nd Okayama East Corporation Association Seminar: Speaker

Seminar Title: Most Up to Date Knowledge Needed for Hiring Foreigners

This Seminar was aimed at teaching small business owners how to make the most of foreign employees and how to avoid legal troubles that may come along.

February 13th-14th 2020 Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center Seminar: Speaker

Seminar Title: Real Life Examples: How to Effectively Manage Foreign Employees

~How to Deal with Everything from When They Join the Company to when They Leave ~

January 13th 2020 Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki Conference Speaker

In this conference aimed at helping foreign exchange students get in touch with potential employers we gave a speech on the practical aspects of hiring foreigners, finding jobs in Japan and securing working visas.

18th December 2019 Acroseed Seminar: Yurakucho, Tokyo International Forum

We held this seminar at the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho in 2019. This seminar focused on all of the necessary steps and official procedures needed when starting a company as a foreigner. 4 experts discussed in detail about everything from securing visas to managing taxes and social insurance obligations.

28th-29th November 2019 Yamagata Seminar Series

Seminar Title: Making Effective Use of Foreign Talent

It used to be that when anybody mentioned foreign workers, they were simply talking about workers coming over temporarily in order to ease labour shortages and then leaving once they were done. Nowadays however, this is becoming less and less the case. More and more it is becoming the norm that foreigners are being employed on the same basis as their Japanese counterparts and working for companies for the long term. These seminars focused on what this means for hiring foreigners and how to make the best use of foreign talent.

September 12th 2019 Acroseed Seminar: Food and Service Industry Special

Seminar Title: Company Establishment for Foreigners: Food and Service Industry Special

This Seminar was split into 2 parts. The first part focused on the practicalities and best methods for starting a company and obtaining the business manager visa. The second part was a feature on how foreigners can succeed in the Japanese Food and Service Industry. This was led by the head of YSK Group company with over 200 employees famous for ramen restaurant Kosyuichiba.

August 2nd 2019 Yamaguchi Top Industrialists, Investors Conference: Speaker

Seminar Title: The Current State of Hiring Foreigners and Recent Issues

This talk focused on giving companies who want to employ foreigners a working knowledge of the specific skilled worker visa scheme.

July 23rd 2019 とやま創造倶楽部 (Toyama Creative Action Club Seminar: Speaker)

Seminar Title: The Current State of Hiring Foreigners and Strategic Tips for Success

This talk focused on giving Toyama business owners the knowledge they need in order to make the most of the specific skilled worker visa.

June 19th 2019 大分県大銀経営研究所 (DKK Oita Seminar: Speaker)

This Speak focused on giving business owners the most up to date information about hiring foreigners and how to apply this knowledge to the real world.

Recently the number of foreign workers is experiencing a large increase however, in line with this the demand for companies willing to give them stable long-term employment is also increasing.

June 12th 2019 In Collaboration with NihonHorei We Released Our Seminar as a DVD

With the introduction of the Specific Skilled worker visa in April 2019 opportunities for business owners to profit are everywhere. In this DVD we explain about hiring foreigners from the general flow to problems that business owners must keep an eye out for. This is recommended viewing for not just business owners planning to introduce foreign workers to their workforce but other Gyoseishoshi and Social Insurance Lawyers alike.

Link to Purchase here

June 3rd 2019 一般社団法人日本人材紹介事業協会 (JESRA Seminar: Speaker)

Seminar Title: Increase Opportunities by Making the Most of the Newly Introduced Visas: The Secret to Finding Foreign Talent Within Japan

The Job market for foreigners has never been more stable. In this talk we explained how to make the most of foreign exchange students and introduced the specific skilled worker visa.

May 28th 2019 みずほ総合研究所 (Mizuho Research and Technologies Seminar: Speaker)

Seminar Title: Immigration Law Reform and How this Affects Hiring Foreigners

For more than 70 years the Immigration stance of Japan has been to only admit those with high level skills. Recently this stance has been gradually changing, giving manual laborers more chance to come and work in Japan. Because of this more and more companies are turning to foreigners to help with labor shortages.

In this seminar we explained using real life examples how to best implement policy with regards to foreign workers and how to make the best use of foreign talent.

May 15th 2019 株式会社リアルエステートジャパン( Real Estate Japan Seminar: Speaker)

In this seminar we gave a speech that focused on real estate investments for foreigners and the benefits of Permanent Residence.

There are many benefits to having Permanent Residence especially when investing in property. Some of these include eligibility requirements for mortgages being lowered. Other than this there are countless other benefits of Permanent Residence.

March 30th 2019 Yamaguchi, Ube City: Business Networking Seminar: Speaker

Seminar Title: Job Searching in Japan and how to Secure a Working Visa

Due to the positive feedback from the networking event we held in Shimonoseki in January we decided to hold another event in Ube. Acroseed has a history of over 30 years supporting foreigners living in Japan and helping them secure visas. We were grateful for the opportunity to use our knowledge gained over the years to help Japan’s regional areas build their economy by working with foreign workers.

March 27th 2019 東京グローバルビジネス専門学校 (Tokyo Global Business School Staff Seminar: Speaker)


Seminar Title: Procedures for Securing Working Visas for Foreign Exchange Students

As well as holding seminars for companies Acroseed also host a wide variety of seminars aimed at foreign exchange students.

20th March 2019 株式会社タナベ経営 (Tanabe Consulting Group Seminar: Speaker)

As part of this full day seminar we were lucky to be able to given the opportunity to run the first session. This session was focused on how to begin hiring foreigners and necessary procedure for securing working visas for potential employees.

18th February 2019 四日市商工会議所 (Yokkaichi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Seminar: Speaker)

 2At this seminar run by the Yokkaichi Chamber of Commerce and Industry our CEO ran the second seminar.

Seminar Title: How to Overcome the Labor Shortage
Part 1: How to update and improve your company’s business style
Part 2: Understanding Procedures in Place for Hiring Foreign Workers

Labor shortages are having a huge effect across the country and no place is being hit harder than small and medium businesses in rural areas. Because of this how to successfully introduce foreign workers into the workforce is a huge point of discussion.

January 14th 2019 Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki Seminar for Foreign Exchange Students

This was our first seminar since the new year. This was also the first seminar of its kind to be held in Shimonoseki city. This Seminar focused on encouraging foreign exchange students and business owners to connect and promote networking. We held this seminar as we believe one of the best ways to promote productivity in Japan’s more rural areas is for business owners and foreign exchange students to work together.

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