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Bringing Parents over to Live in Japan

Bringing Parents over to Live in Japan
Japan Visa Application Service > Bringing Parents over to Live in Japan

This application had been approved before the coronavirus pandemic, but from 2023 onwards, the immigration inspection situation will be very strict and there is almost no chance of approval.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this service will be suspended until the immigration examination status changes.

1.Bringing Parents over to Live in Japan

1. Is it possible to bring my parents to Japan to live with me?

This is a question we get very commonly from those living in Japan who are planning on settling down here permanently. Many people are understandably worried about how they are going to be able to support their parents as they age as well as giving their children precious time with their grandparents. Unfortunately however, in the law as it currently is there is no specific visa for bringing the parents of foreign nationals over in the long term.

However, depending on your individual circumstances it may be possible for your parent(s) to be approved for a visa to live here. The easiest way is if you have the Highly Skilled Professional Visa. If you don't have this it is incredibly difficult.

Here at Acroseed we have over 40 years of experience working with immigration. The main thing that needs to be understood is that because this visa is not specifically laid out in law and therefore has no clear requirements it is incredibly difficult to know if you will be successful if you apply. In some cases it may even be easier to have your parent apply for a working or business manager visa.

2. Requirements for this visa.

As is written above there are no specific requirements for this visa set out in the law however, after working on these cases for years there are a few things we can say.

a single parent has a lot better chance than two parents (usually this is in the case one parent has already passed away).
Your parent must be over the age of 70 (even 69 year old parents are rejected)
You must not have any siblings.
You must be able to show that you have the financial stability to look after your parent

3. Highly Skilled visa holders

For holders of the highly skilled professional visa it is in fact currently possible to sponsor visas for your parents. For more details please refer to our page on the Highly Skilled Professional visa.

4. Main Reasons people want to bring their parents over

- To help look after children or Pregnant Spouse

If this is the case it is generally pretty easy to get a visa for your parent to enter the country. The only drawback to this is that they would be limited to stays of 90 days. In certain cases it might be possible to extend this i.e. if your partner gives birth later than expected however, this is generally limited to once at the most.

-For Medical Treatment

Since the introduction of the medical visit visa it has become possible to bring your parents over to Japan for a variety of medical treatments or procedures. This is not just limited to surgeries etc. but can also apply to health checks and dental procedures. However, similar to above this visa is limited to stays of up to 90 days and while it is possible to get a multiple entry version of this visa this requires a signed letter from a doctor.

- To come and live with your children or stay close to you

This is the most difficult of the visas unless you have the Highly Skilled Professional visa. This is discussed in more detail above.

2.Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I asked at immigration and they told me it was impossible. Is this true?

A1. Immigration are a government body therefore they are only allowed to answer based on what the law says strictly. They are right that under the law as it currently is there isn't a visa for parents. However, in the right circumstances it is possible to get your parents visas to help them stay here and you support them.

Q2. My Friend's application was successful. Why was mine rejected?

A2. Unfortunately this is an incredibly strict visa and your individual circumstances will play a huge role in deciding whether or not the application is successful. Therefore it is important not to worry about other people's situations but to understand your own and how this can affect your chances of being successful.

Q3. If my parent's visa is approved can they come and go from Japan freely?

A3. Naturally once their visa is approved and as long as they get re-entry permission they will be able to leave and enter the country freely. However, if they leave Japan for too long this may pose a risk of their next visa renewal being rejected.

Q4. Can I bring both of my parents from abroad?

A4. Of course it may be possible to bring both of your parents over. However, even compared to bringing over one parent this application is incredibly difficult.

3.Support we offer

1. Consulting

We work with you to find any things that may cause problems with the application and do our best to negate the damage that they cause.

We will match you with the best lawyer for your case based on the lawyer's experience and the particular details of your inquiry.

2.Preparation of Documents

We create all application documents to give you the best chance for success in your application.

In order to be able to prepare documents in a speedy and efficient way we have support staff who create the documents and these are then checked over by an expert lawyer to make sure that they are 100% After this you will be given the chance to look over before you sign.

3.We handle all trips to immigration on your behalf

We understand that especially in the current climate you may not want to go to immigration and wait in lines for hours. We also understand that not everybody has the time to spend a whole day waiting to submit the application and another day when they get the results.

This is why we handle all applications and collections of new visas on your behalf and you should not have to step foot near immigration.

4.We will liaise with immigration during the application

If we are asked to explain something in more detail Acroseed will work as a mediator between you and immigration to make sure that we can communicate what you want to say to them without any issues.

We will also support you in the case that immigration ask for any additional supporting evidence.

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5.Prices(※Excluding tax)

This application had been approved before the coronavirus pandemic, but from 2023 onwards, the immigration inspection situation will be very strict and there is almost no chance of approval.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this service will be suspended until the immigration examination status changes.

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