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I am currently living in Japan on a Highly skilled visa. Is it possible for me to do a part time job in my designated field?

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Visa Application Services >  Visa application Q&A > Is it possible for me to do a part time job in my designated field?
I am currently living in Japan on a Highly skilled visa. Is it possible for me to do a part time job in my designated field?
The first thing it is important to say is that under the conditions of the HSP (Highly Skilled Professional) visa it is permissible to engage in what the immigration bureau calls “multiple activities”.

However, in order to answer your question, we must decide whether or not a part time job counts as one of these activities.

Let’s start by first talking about HSP i(b)

A good way to explain this visa is to say that it is basically the bigger brother of the Humanities Visa. This visa is given to those who are contracted by public or private institutions in Japan to do work that requires high levels of skill and specialist knowledge in either the humanities or natural sciences.

Further, a holder of this visa is permitted to start and manage their own business alongside their main ‘designated’ activities so long as this is deemed to be sufficiently related to their field of expertise.

Unfortunately, this therefore means that in order to engage in a part-time job as an employee of another institution they would be required to apply for ‘Permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under current residence status’

Secondly, I would like to talk about the HSP i(a). This is simply put a visa that those teaching as professors at educational institutions such as universities, or those working as researchers for privately owned research institutions. Similar to the above, this visa also allows the holder to start and manage their own business within their field of expertise.

Lastly, I want to talk about the HSP i(c) visa. This like its little brother the Business manager visa is held by those employed as managers or directors at companies or legal offices for example. This visa also naturally allows the holder to establish and manage new companies so long as they are deemed sufficiently related to the holder’s area of expertise. On a whole this visa isn’t massively different to its baby brother.

To conclude, all of these visas allow for the holder to engage in other activities alongside their main ‘designated’ activity. However, there are strict rules dictating what activities are and are not allowed. This unfortunately means that it is extremely unlikely that a part-time job will be permitted.

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