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I have the Highly Skilled-visa. What happens if I change job or take on a part-time contract job on the side?

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Visa Application Services >  Visa application Q&A > What happens if I change job or take on a part-time contract job on the side?
I have the Highly Skilled-visa. What happens if I change job or take on a part-time contract job on the side?
We often hear questions like this from customers.

One of the benefits of the Highly Skilled Professional visa is the ability to engage in multiple activities but what does that mean. Simply put this means starting a company as a side project. This does not specifically cover part-time jobs. So what do you have to do? Let’s have a look.

Part-Time Work

The Highly Skilled Professional visa is intrinsically linked to your main company- this is shown by the designation in your passport. This, therefore means that unlike humanities visa you will be required to get permission from the immigration bureau in order to take on a part-time job.

This generally needs to be linked to your main job somehow. For example if an app developer wants to work for a different app development company this should be ok. However, if an engineer decides to work at Saizeriya (other brands are available), this is guaranteed to be rejected.

Unlike a student or dependent visa this permission is not general but specific. If you have ever done a part-time job as an exchange student in Japan you will know that you don’t have to provide any information about companies you intend to work at. You may also be aware of the 28-hour weekly working limit. However, as the permission for HSP holders is specific you will have to provide details such as a contract and there will not be a 28-hour limit.

So What About if You Want to Change Job?

As I have written above your visa is intrinsically linked to your company. Therefore, when you want to change companies, you must apply for a change of status.

Unlike those in possession of the humanities visa this is something you must do. I know it may seem like a waste especially if you still have 3-4 years remaining on your current visa but I can’t stress this enough… you must change. If you will cease to be eligible for the HSP visa this will likely mean applying for the humanities visa however, if you will still maintain your points, you will be able to re-apply for the same visa.

Some people may find the idea of applying to change visas to the exact same type of visa they currently hold a little strange. However, it is probably best to think of it more as a changing the designation rather than the visa itself.

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