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Application for Permanent Residence and Travel History Abroad

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I am considering applying for permanent residence, but I have traveled abroad a lot for company business and I am concerned about my residency history.
There are various requirements for permanent residence applications, and overseas travel history is also subject to review.

We are often asked about cases where a working visa holder frequently travels overseas on company business, or a spouse visa holder returns home to his/her parents' home country for childbirth, and wonders if his/her overseas travel history will affect his/her application for permanent residence.

Principle Requirements for Application for Permanent Residence

First, let's look at the conditions for applying for permanent residence.

The conditions for obtaining a permanent residence visa are clearly described in the "Guidelines for Permanent Residence Permit" published by the Immigration and Residency Management Agency.

(1) Good conduct.
You must obey the law and fulfil all legal obligations such as paying taxes and penshion etc.

(2) Possess sufficient assets or skills to earn an independent living.
Those who do not become a burden on the public in their daily lives, and who are expected to lead a stable life in the future based on their assets or skills.

(3)The person's permanent residence is recognized to be in the interests of Japan.

ア In principle, the applicant must have continued to reside in Japan for 10 years or more. However, during this period, the applicant must have continued to stay in the country for five years or more with a working status (excluding the residence status "Technical Intern Training" and "Specified Skilled Worker No. 1") or residence status.

イ The applicant must not have been sentenced to a fine or imprisonment. Properly fulfill public obligations (obligations such as tax payments, payment of public pension and public medical insurance premiums, and notification obligations stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act).

ウ With respect to the current status of residence, the applicant must be residing for the maximum period of stay specified in Attached Table 2 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

エ There is no risk of harm from a public health perspective.


The above conditions are general for permanent residence applications and apply to holders of work visas (other than those who qualify for advanced professional or advanced personnel points).

A brief summary is as follows

1. good conduct
2. Must be financially stable
3. have been continuously residing in Japan for at least 10 years.
(During this period, the applicant must have obtained a work visa and have been in Japan for at least 5 years.)
4. not have been sentenced to a fine or imprisonment
5. have paid tax, pension and insurance premiums
6. have a visa with the longest period of stay (3 or 5 years)

Of these requirements, the one that relates to overseas travel history is 3. the requirement to have continuously resided in Japan for at least 10 years (of this period, at least 5 years with a work visa).

Continued 10+ years of attention

The term "continuously in Japan for 10 years or more" here can have two meanings.

1. Residence in Japan without interruption of status of residence.

If there is a break in status of residence, the period of stay will be counted from the time of re-entry to Japan.

2. Have a basis of livelihood in Japan.

Even if your status of residence has not been interrupted, it will be difficult to obtain a permanent residence permit if you spend most of the year living abroad.

Whether the reason is a business trip or a maternity leave, if you spend more than about 100 days a year abroad, you may be denied permission.

Summary of Overseas Travel History in Permanent Residency Applications

As mentioned above, a standard travel history of about 100 days per year is one of the guidelines for permanent residence applications, but if you can provide a reasonable explanation for your overseas travel, you may be able to obtain permission in some cases.

If you have any concerns about your application for permanent residence, please feel free to contact us.

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