Publications written by ACROSEED

Publications by ACROSEED regarding employment of overseas workers.

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Publications written by ACROSEED

外国人労働者の雇用・研修生受入れ手続きEmployment of Overseas Workers and Procedures for Bringing Overseas Trainees:For Japanese Companies which suffer from lack of Workers

Hideo, Sano Makoto, Sano
November, 2005
Published by Nihon Kazo Press
\2,200 (without Tax)


よくわかる入管手続Easy-to-understand Entry Procedure: Basic Knowledge, Application procedures and 130 real questions

Hideo, Sano Makoto, Sano
November, 2004
Published by Nihon Kazo Press
\3000 (without tax)


こんなにおもしろい行政書士の仕事こんなにおもしろい行政書士の仕事改訂版This is the work of the immigration lawyer. 

Hideo, Sano Makoto, Sano
June, 2004
Published by Tyuokeizaisha
\1800 (without tax)


よくわかる入管手続Easy Entry Procedures: Practice and points to note  

Hideo, Sano 16, July, 2001
Published by Nihon Kazo Press

外国人雇用 研修の手引きEmployment of Overseas worker: Guidance for accepting trainees from overseas and the procedures.

Hideo, Sano January, 1995
Published by Nihon Kazo press

外国人雇用手続の手引きGuidance for Overseas worker employment and its procedures 

Hideo, Sano September 1992
Published by Sakura Sogo research center.

Books to which ACROSEED contributed

Management Information Service 2006/12/04
Published by Keiei Soft Research Corporation  

“Legal regulations on overseas worker employment and documents which must be checked before work.”
:“Situations in which overseas workers are able to work as simple worker
: “Certificate of authorized employment which helps deciding if one is permitted to work”
: “ The employer will be penalized when the illegal worker is found”
: “ Points to note regarding working condition for overseas worker and application of work-related laws”
: “What must be noted when accepting trainees from overseas?”
: “Responsibilities of warrants of overseas worker”
And many more.


Part-time, casual, contract, registered and overseas worker. Personnel management of work place with people in different conditions and law knowledge: questions and answers
Published by Sanro sogo research institute  

Title: “Practical points to note on employing overseas worker”

A work guideline for an accountant, a general affairs officer, and a labour management officer in a company.

Company work issued in September. Published by Nihon Zitsugyo Press
Title: “Questions and Answers regarding actual work on recruitment and employment of overseas worker”

Circumstance of the Labour Management Consultant (The work of general affair division, human resource, and health and welfare division)
Published by Sanrosougo research center.

Title: “Question and Answer regarding overseas worker employment, overseas worker training system, and immigration law. Vol.1.2.3.

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